Mechanical Keyboards

Holy goodness I just reconnected my mechanical keyboard and wow, why the heck did I stop using it? The ‘touch type’ keyboard that comes with Surface tablets are such garbage, it’s like pressing on a piece of paper and hoping it registers. The only thing that sucks about this keyboard, the Corsair Vengeance K90, is that it is pretty huge and not all of the keys, namely the function keys and the macro (‘G’) keys, are rubber-dome.

But since I seldom use the function keys and never use the macro keys it’s not that big of a problem. One thing that I do love about the keyboard is that it has dedicated buttons on it for play/pause, stop, previous, next, and mute. Also a volume roller, which is fantastic.

It’s pretty much impossible to find nowadays, but the other Corsair keyboards I’ve heard about are just as good if not better.

*Not sponsored by Corsair (why would they sponsor me?)

Image: © Corsair Components


Life stuff #1

I’m bored as shit, main reason I would ever think to create something. Being a student in my second semester at a Public Ivy school, one would expect me to actually give a care about my future and what it may or may not hold. But no, I don’t give a single shit.

Last semester was mostly fine, I passed the majority of my four classes with flying colors. Except for Precalculus, god damn am I a moron. I barely scraped by with a C and now am in Calculus 1, General Chemistry 1, and Biology 1 with the second semester coming to a close. And what have I done all semester long in order to succeed in my classes? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I spent about two months just dilly-dallying (who says that anymore?) my days away.

Then when I tell my parents that I am failing, I get a text message: “Anon, your sister will come down to take your laptop and smartphone away from you”. Like shit, well what the hell do I do now? Gone is my powerful workstation laptop and decent smartphone and they are instead replaced with a shitty Surface RT and a flip phone. Taking my laptop away I can understand, but my phone? Really? I don’t just look at hentai and browse memes on it. Me being a sheltered individual, not having to experience the hardships (whatever they are, I honestly don’t even know) that others have/had to that are of my age, I can barely find my way around. And now I am in a foreign city, with no real means of navigating except planning stuff out in advanced. What is this, the late 90’s/early 2000’s? Stuff like Google Maps doesn’t work on that flip phone, so great I can barely navigate the campus, and now have little hope in navigating the city by myself. And no I don’t have a car (and don’t want one) or a bicycle. I am to scared to use one, and the latter I have had bad experiences with it to say the least…

Goddam am I a moron, like shit I don’t know anything for any of my classes, and am about to fail four out of five of them. And my parents being the way they are, will disown me if I get kicked out of college. This ain’t no Welcome to the NHK tier shit, it’s serious business. How in the hell did I ever get accepted to the school? I don’t have any skills, like nope, nada. I can’t do shit except browse the internet looking at stuff telling myself, “Wouldn’t that be nice anon? To live in a foreign country and understand moonspeak?” As if that would ever happen. I honestly don’t even feel the need to try and study anymore. I understand that my parents are paying for everything, but hell if I don’t feel like I’m worth it. I’m a stupid piece of shit who can play video games ‘decently’, if that, and browse the internet for porn and stupid macabre shit. I’m no one of note, and can’t see myself ever becoming one. I’ve put more effort in writing this than I have in studying for the aforementioned classes at this point.

If any poor soul ever comes across this retarded piece, please, don’t feel any pity or sympathy. After all, I’m the one that put myself in such a position. I had/have all the tools at my disposal in order to succeed, and I just gave them the finger. Seriously, what the hell am I doing?

On a brighter note, I started watching Kokoro Connect and it’s pretty good.

First post: Prepare yourselves

So why in the hell have I created a blog? (Jesus I feel like one of them ‘bloggers’ already…) The reason is simple, to just write whatever I want whenever I want. I’ve been getting mighty tired of just surfing the web endlessly and decided that I become the 1% that actually create content on a website (as shit as it will be, prepare yourselves, or don’t because I doubt anyone in their right mind would ever read this shit, god).

Since I rarely have anything to do because I am an idiot, this blog might be updated frequently. Or not because I probably won’t give a shit. A couple of posts a day, a week, a month? I really couldn’t say, but since this site will probably never be viewed by anyone (lest not in their right state of mind) it probably is not a problem, probably.

Expect no references to personal information, I intend to keep everything that I post anonymous. Not for fear of anything, but rather because it is more interesting that way. The content is what will make this blog, I am just a thing that makes it. If I can imagine that someone has an anime character as an avatar, that makes me feel better than knowing they are a 20-something unemployed, living at home with their parents, 4chan browser. Imagining them being a waifu makes me feel better.

Lastly, here is what I will probably make in the future:

  • Re-views (While similar to reviews seen anywhere else, I will just give my thoughts on something without going too much into depth about anything of the media; also no score, because reviews are mostly subjective)
  • Character talks (Rarely; If I feel like writing up something about a certain character for whatever reason, then I will do so with strong biased opinionation and heavy edge, for maximum autism)
  • Life stuff (The cringiest stuff to expect, expect nothing concrete so I can curse away at whatever I feel like damning to hell)
  • General rambling (Random shit I want to write about)

That’s about all I can come up with at the moment. If anyone ever reads this shit, please comment down below, even a KYS will let me know not just bots peruse the site.