First post: Prepare yourselves

So why in the hell have I created a blog? (Jesus I feel like one of them ‘bloggers’ already…) The reason is simple, to just write whatever I want whenever I want. I’ve been getting mighty tired of just surfing the web endlessly and decided that I become the 1% that actually create content on a website (as shit as it will be, prepare yourselves, or don’t because I doubt anyone in their right mind would ever read this shit, god).

Since I rarely have anything to do because I am an idiot, this blog might be updated frequently. Or not because I probably won’t give a shit. A couple of posts a day, a week, a month? I really couldn’t say, but since this site will probably never be viewed by anyone (lest not in their right state of mind) it probably is not a problem, probably.

Expect no references to personal information, I intend to keep everything that I post anonymous. Not for fear of anything, but rather because it is more interesting that way. The content is what will make this blog, I am just a thing that makes it. If I can imagine that someone has an anime character as an avatar, that makes me feel better than knowing they are a 20-something unemployed, living at home with their parents, 4chan browser. Imagining them being a waifu makes me feel better.

Lastly, here is what I will probably make in the future:

  • Re-views (While similar to reviews seen anywhere else, I will just give my thoughts on something without going too much into depth about anything of the media; also no score, because reviews are mostly subjective)
  • Character talks (Rarely; If I feel like writing up something about a certain character for whatever reason, then I will do so with strong biased opinionation and heavy edge, for maximum autism)
  • Life stuff (The cringiest stuff to expect, expect nothing concrete so I can curse away at whatever I feel like damning to hell)
  • General rambling (Random shit I want to write about)

That’s about all I can come up with at the moment. If anyone ever reads this shit, please comment down below, even a KYS will let me know not just bots peruse the site.


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